Sandra Liberta / Fine Art MA

Sandra Liberta is a mystical artist who practises shamanism and yoga. Her artwork has been inspired by meditation, supererogatory rituals and Tarot card reading. These experiences unlock a special psychic zone responsible for altering the state and form of the consciousness of the one. Consciousness is not lost; however, the artist experiences a different mindset. Mysticism enables the artist to go beyond a present and search for a truth which cannot be explained by logical thinking.

The artist has developed a unique technique working with plastic which allows her to combine a passion for colours and manipulation of materials while committing to the sustainability of the environment by using recycled materials.

The latest esoteric trip to Siberia indulged Sandra into deep analysis and understanding of five main elements of nature and energy.


abstrract sculpture of a shell of a body made from plaster and egg shells
Sandra Liberta – Out of Body, materials: eggs, plaster, ribbon, 120 L x 50 D x 30 H, Brighton, UK 2019.
According to Buddhist tradition, the out-of- body condition is possible. Teacher of the Dalai Lama XIV explained, ” through the intensive practise of meditation can travel freely outside the physical body”.


abstract sculpture made from recycled plastic netting
Sandra Liberta – Looking Up, materials: milk bottles, mirror H 220 x W60 x D 40, Brighton, UK 2020.
Plastic has become a problem for pollution. Materials used to create art can be very expensive. I found a way to combine my passion for colours, manipulation of materials and commitment to the environment and saving resources by using recycled plastic materials.


abstract sculpture
Sandra Liberta – Language of Asceticism, material: plastic lids, H 90 x W 120 x D 50, Brighton, UK 2019.
Asceticism one of the stages to train the body and tempering the spirit of which undergo psychological and physical tests and helps to achieve another dimension.


abstract artwork of mirrors and gold paint
Sandra Liberta – Become One Body if You Want to be, materials: mirror, acrylic paint H 82 x W 300 x D 2 , Brighton, UK 2020.
The mirror is one of the few household items whose functions go far beyond the practical relationship of a person to it. Mirror changing state of consciousness.


abstract sculpture of silver human forms
Sandra Liberta – How to Become a Human? materials: paracetamol, spaghetti, candy, popcorn, plasticine, spray paint, H 50 x W 42 x D 20, Brighton, UK 2019.
On the level of the physical body, we are just animals. It’s a long way to become a come a human.