Jess Pemberton / Digital Media Arts MA

Digital Arts Media Hexagonlly

I am a Collage Artist who works in both analogue and digital forms. My central concern is the spatial nature of digital worlds and asking: what do we disconnect from, without ourselves, when we connect to the digital sphere? I explore the similarity between trees and humanity through code, web art and animation.

In this latest piece, I have created a generative collage with an L-System structure. The aim is to create something that, if stumbled across, would simulate important dynamics of interacting with nature. ‘Internet Tree’ is the second piece in a line of work that explores creating spaces, to exist online, that both form by themselves and are interactable: a ‘Forest of the Web’.




Digital collage of fragments of pattern and parts of faces and bodies
Internet Tree


Digitally generated image of multiple repeated faces
Internet Tree Experiment 1


Digitally generated abstract image
Internet Tree Experiment 2