River Sweeney / Fine Art MA

River Sweeney’s work focuses on representation within the media and considers identity and racial profiling here in the UK and USA. Recently Sweeney explored the notion of youth violence particularly in young melanin men. 

Employing video, sound performance and fine art River examines current issues and injustices that take place in the African Caribbean diaspora, she chooses to work in a non-linear way to provide a discourse and to encourage discussion and possible solutions in a gallery setting and site-specific locations. 

She also utilises her creativity to enable, empower and provoke shifts in any singular perception. 

Sweeney’s recent video, Exposure observes the use of CCTV in criminal profiling and the misconception that all melanin people look the same. 



The Factory – Duration: 2.52



ExposureDuration 03.42



Blink, Blink – Duration 1.59



Interruption of everything, then Simon Said – Duration 03.56