Hannah O’Hara / Photography MA

The work that I am currently developing is called ‘Spoilt by Carelessness’ and forms part of a larger body of work ‘The Quiet Place’. This piece is a contemplative and poetic reflection which explores longing for a time that cannot be retrieved. Considering photographic traditions, the visual language consists of recording shadows, reflections and projections within the domestic space and immediate environment, where the scenes are purposefully obscured to reflect upon our understanding of the perceived and encountered world.

Combining moving image, black and white photographs and cyanotypes, the work is intended to be mesmerising and illusionary, creating a phantasmagorical landscape which reflects upon duration and temporality while attempting to reconstitute lost time through a fragmented narrative.

When completed, the body of work will be exhibited as a moving image installation, a photographic book, a series of cyanotype triptychs and photographic prints. The series of works presented here are a selection of these different elements.


abstract image
Imrama, Cyanotype Triptych on Handmade Recycled Paper, 2020







Photograph of power mast
Home, taken from The Quiet Place, 2020


Abstract phtograph
HannahOHara – Blithe, 2020


Photo of house front
Untitled #1, 2020