Textiles MA

Textiles MA

The graduating students from the MA Textile course at the University of Brighton in 2020, have produced a high standard of work, that demonstrates an advanced level of understanding through the evolution and development of their own practice. Rooted in research, experimental practice, and critical reflection, all the students have developed a strong foundation from which to inform their future careers.

From an exploration into a new materiality through the development of silicone based fabrics to the visualisation and composition of music through textiles, this year’s graduating students have again explored a diverse range of themes within a textile context, extending our understanding of what textiles are, how they can be produced and how they can be used to influence and support our daily lives. The important role textiles can have on our health and wellbeing was also a central theme identified by students at the beginning of the year. As a result of the world changing events and personal impact resulting from Covid-19, this area of investigation is more important than ever. In response to this, students have highlighted the impact our immediate environment can have on us and the role textiles design can play in responding to this challenge as an active agent for change.

This year’s graduates faced the current dramatic events as an opportunity to further challenge their understanding of their practice seeing the exceptional circumstances as an opportunity to explore new working methods and integrate responses within their work that relate directly to the current situation. This year’s graduates have demonstrated their ability to adapt and refocus to meet the challenges of a changing world and we wish them every success in their future careers.

Dr Patrick Dyer
Course Leader

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