Katja Seaton / Textiles MA

From a background of cake decorating, with a plan to re-interpret these skills to textiles, my work has developed into exploring processes using silicone. Initially chosen as an analogous substitute for buttercream, allowing me to utilise my piping expertise. I was immediately excited by the potential that silicone offered, and it quickly became the central element to my work.

Re-interpreting hand production techniques from textile, model making, as well as cake decorating specialisms to invent processes that have enabled me to explore the production of a range of experimental textiles from what is generally thought of as an industrial material.

Building on knowledge around the material acquired whilst on this programme has provided a foundation from which to begin to develop design ideas. The versatility of the medium allows for a myriad of applications which I am keen to explore.



white textured material
Tripe and Spike (2020)



white spiked textured material
Urchin Spikes (2020)



Purple and pink textured materials
Skin (2020)



white and yellow spotted texture
Spots (2020)



textiles poster
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