Sungja Kim / Fine Art MA

“Atmosphere and Mist” is my research project. It is a series of semi-abstract, oil on canvas, landscape paintings that portray common natural landscape views, all in the surreal state of being enveloped in a mist, with an emphasis placed on the abstract, ever surreal nature of this atmospheric state. In my paintings, I try to capture inspiration from the places I have visited. Each memory does not just stop at being nostalgic, as these life moments create in me an infinite imagination, and motivate my art work. My art expresses how human beings interact with nature and how this interaction, in turn, impacts our emotions. It is a visual and physical interaction that are captured by the forest and mist that often appear in my projects. And also, the atmospheric weather affects evoke the feelings which reside inside my mind.



abstract green blue and white painting
Forest Mist


abstract blue and white painting
Into The Mist


abstract earth tones painting
Into The Feeling


Dark green abstract painting
Forest, Mist and Space


night sky abstract painting
The Night View