Sophi Gardner / Digital Media Arts MA

Digital Arts Media Hexagonlly

Sophi Gardner explores eco-digital art. She seeks to understand intrinsic and complex aspects of the nature-human : human-nature balance, and make reflections through new media ecologies.

She wonders what happens to our human psyche and physical being when we feel connected to a living planet through new form. Is our experience a hostile world about to end? Is there space to find a natural resolve as a techno-adaptive species? Can we reorient our technologies to be respectful and work in harmony with our natural habitat?

Sophi has spent 20 years dedicated to change-making work in the third sector and in events management. She has also worked in digital design, as a muralist and making mixed media installations.

In Hexagonally exhibition she examines facets of life on earth; plant life and water, fire and electromagnetic resonance. See more of her work including Resonance, an interactive piece, via the exhibition link above.





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