Holly Johns / Craft MA

Working with clay, I create abstract pieces that explore the convention of portraiture and the use of touch. My work usually takes on the form of a vessel, or sculptural pieces. Photography and alternative drawing methods play an important role in my research into touch and portraiture.

I was born and raised in Devon and came to Brighton to study 3D Design and Craft for my undergraduate degree. I then returned to pursue a Masters in Craft.

‘A Self- Portrait: Interaction, Abstraction, Perspective’ analyses the interactions between maker and material throughout the making process. The project talks about how interactions in our day-to-day life are the foundation of the experience that makes us who we are.

The next chapter of my career will be focused on setting up and establishing a ceramic studio, where I will continue to produce ceramic art, functional ware, and teaching.


Holly Johns- A Self-Portrait, Visual Research, 2020

Holly Johns- A Self-Portrait #1, 2020

Holly Johns - A Self-Portrait #2, 2020,

Holly Johns - A Self-Portrait 2020