Orlando De Freitas / Fine Art MA

The small island of Madeira, in the south of Portugal, has always been a source of inspiration for Orlando, not only because of its dramatic beauty but also because it is where he was born and grew up.

The geology of Madeira, which was formed when a volcano rose above sea level, has always been of interest to Orlando. Not surprisingly, we think of volcanoes as destructive events, but Madeira is an example of their ability to create landscapes. Inspired by these contradictory forces, Orlando uses a variety of materials to explore three-dimensional textures, sometimes within a traditional picture frame.

Creating installations in a variety of spaces, he not only represents the landscape of his homeland but also explores themes that include homelessness, solitude, life and death, and relationships. In particular, his use of paper compares the fragility of that material with our own vulnerability as human beings.



White material on garden chair
Untitled (I wish I could Hug you again!) (2020)



White material next to garden shed
Untitled (But I do Love You!) (2020)



Scrunched up material
Untitled (2019)



ex-ray like image of bulb inside a bulb
Hope (2020)



Blue 3D painting
Retina #43 (2019)