Laila Riis / Digital Music & Sound Arts MA

I am the artistic director of Partial Facsimile – Sound & Visual Art Collective. Our work has since 2013 entailed research based topics, been presented in site specific performance and installation forms, and always using spatial audio techniques. Please visit for more information.

“Dynamic Dose” is a mixed media installation, originally presented in 3D sound and tungsten light. However, this is a binaural version for headphone consumption. The 20-minute binaural extract has been taken from the full 3 hours 36 minutes mixed media piece, concerning sound and light frequencies used to stimulate well-being within depressed patients. I propose this work to be an alternative to prescribed anti-depressants; though do not claim to replace them.

The 3D sound installation has been modeled on the Klang Dome at ZKM, Germany, and can be experienced at the Alternative Open Houses in Brighton. Information to be posted soon on the Partial Facsimile website.