Karyna Mykytiuk / Sequential Design/Illustration MA


When trees were taller, Jam was sweeter. This name came to my mind after I had a conversation with my mom about my project. She told me that in her childhood her mom’s jam was much better than the one she makes now. I laughed because my mom’s jam is the best in the world for me. Then my mom said: “Oh, Karyna, when we thought trees were taller, everything was tastier. This project is a collection of illustrated narratives about childhood memories of food in Ukraine during late 1990s – 2000s. It describes how this food gave us happiness, made us laugh, enabled us to assert our individual tastes and ultimately brought each of us to a particular place and time where those memories have shaped the stories of our lives.



Book illustration of an elderly woman
Book illustration of a person on a sofa
Book illustration of a person milking a cow