Jackie Fretten / Fine Art MA (Interim)


My work is concerned with observing the connections between the natural and the manmade in a landscape, inspired by my setting in the South Downs and adjacent coastland. I’m interested in the margins where rural and built-up areas meet, mapping the human traces we leave behind and in the poetry of the mundane.

My research begins with walking, spending time, noticing, collecting objects I find on the way. Although painting remains at the heart of what I do, I am in the process of disrupting my practice, to find new ways of seeing and working; I am currently interrogating the aerial view and perspective it affords as a way to question what I see and to reveal pattern otherwise hidden or overlooked.



‘Loopy Walk’ Video 4mins 39″



Oil painting with blue line and black and yellow blocks
‘Lost in Surface and Perspectives i’ Oil, oil bar, collage on canvas panel 60 x 60cm (2020)



Oil painting of blue path and caravan
‘Lost in Surface and Perspectives ii’ Oil, oil bar, oil pastel, collage, graphite on sewn canvas and ply 70 x 70cm (2020)



Oil Painting blue and brown patches
‘Over Shingle and Magnox’ #2 Mono Print on Fabriano Unica 250g 35 x 35cm (2019)



Oil Painting blue lines on tan background
‘Over Shingle and Magnox’ #9 Mono print on Fabrica Unica 250g 35 x 35 cm (2019)