Anthony Griffin / Fine Art MA (Interim)

My practice employs the subject of manual labour as a lens through which I search for truths pertaining to the human condition. With an acute awareness of the digitisation and automation processes changing the way we work, I question what is being lost or gained as we become absorbed into this developing terrain.

Personal experiences become themes for deeper exploration within my practice. I am proud of my working class background and seek to disrupt established hierarchies. Transformation, celebration and elevation infuse my thinking as I employ materials intended for use within the construction industry, alongside more traditional art materials.

Drawing plays a major role in my practice. My drawings often stand up as finished pieces, at other times they become starting points for work in other media. I naturally work in series. My practice incorporates both organic and digital processes and I welcome emerging technologies with curiosity and wonder.




Collage of robot
Homo faber01 (2020)



collage portrait
Homo faber02 (2020)



sketch of builder
On solid ground (2020)



sculpture compositions
AutoMates (2020)



drawing of a man with a bull
Daid`keep it simple’(2020)