Anna Lowe / Textiles MA

Anna Lowe is a fashion and digital print textile designer.

Her project focusses on creating digital prints for the luxury accessorises market, to aid mental health and wellbeing. She explores biophilic design elements and colour psychology, whilst layering organic imagery with varying opacities to achieve calming results and depth. The theories of Albers inspired layered elements of different colours to be integrated into design.

She has created four different scarf collections, each using trees and foliage imagery. The scarves are printed onto lightweight silk satin and silk twill, both natural fibres, to enhance the wearers connection to the natural environment. She has gained industry experience with: UNOA Clothing (Brighton), Julien MacDonald (London), Emilio de la Morena (London), Zola Amour (Brighton) and Red Dragon Flagmakers (Wales).


graphic image of leaves


graphic image of blossom


graphic image of leaves


oriental style graphic image of leaves