Michael Olden / Fine Art MA (Interim)

It seems to me as if my work is in a constant state of flux. I stumble from one medium to the next, trying to find a practice that best expresses moments of harmony, spells of disquiet, the turmoil and stuckness I feel in the world, fleeting fields of vision. No sooner do I think that the meaning is clear, pinned down and fixed – it melts away.

Jean Cocteau said that the job of the poet consists of placing objects from the visible world, which have become invisible due to the glue of habit, in unusual positions which strike the soul and give them tragic force. Maybe a camera obscura is the machine to help dissolve that glue?


Camera obscura front and back
Camera Obscura Mk.2 (2020)



front and back of a camera obscura
Camera Obscura Mk.3 (2020)



Camera Obscura Mk. 3 video 30 seconds (2020)



Camera Obscura Mk.3 video 34 seconds (2020) 



self portrait of man from camera obscura
Self Portrait Mk.3