Lee Rousell / Fine Art MA


Living with Bipolar, I express myself in a way that allows my work to contain and speak about it, in a normalised way. I believe its relationship to the sublime is in the symptoms that can threaten my own survival, when they are at their extremes. Influenced by the landscape, I work with oil paint, photography and video. Ashdown Forest is local, and is the muse I immerse myself in. It survives its cycles and all weathers. It is characterised by its changing moods, that seem to match my own. The oils have a responsive, tactile texture and quality. The artists who have influenced me are Sheila Fell, Joan Eardley, Turner and Constable. Video maker Charlotte Prodger, also made an impact. They have shaped the way I use, and understand landscape as a means to express myself and still remain a part of its traditions.



Painting of track next to field
Still Here – Oil painting on canvas (2020)


Painted scene of yellow field
The Sublime, is in The Survival – Oil painting on canvas (2020)


Painting of grassy area and woodland
Sharing Time – Oil painting on canvas (2020)


Painting of scenic view with large tree
Talking it over – Oil painting on canvas (2020)


Paining of stormy sky over countryside
That Fine Madness – Oil painting on canvas (2020)