Craft MA

Craft MA

We are very proud to present the final bodies of work by the five graduates of MA Craft 2020. For each of our students, you will see a collection of work that is the result of intensive and advanced research, imaginative exploration and material experimentation.

The MA Craft course highlights the value of making in contemporary society in general, and, in particular, the value of skilled and innovative hand-making, sustainable processes and sensitivity to materials and their provenance.

Craftspeople are able to draw on tradition and refer to history, whilst finding ways to think differently about current and future challenges. Each of our graduates has challenged themselves, extended their technical skills and developed their ability to inquire deeply into the issues they care about through their making. They have become adept at contextualising and communicating their work, as you will see from the research posters they have each developed. The graduate collections you see are designed to provoke responses, engage all the senses and we hope, entice others to become more interested in the experience and potential of making.

In the process of honing these qualities and skills, our graduates have had, with the rest of society, to weather the remarkable and devastating events of recent months as the Covid-19 virus has taken a grip on our lives. This year’s graduating cohort of MA Craft has had to conclude their work in lockdown, separated from specialist kit and workshop facilities and with only remote access to their course tutors. They have had to adapt repeatedly, be creative in new ways and stay focussed on their goals. The work they have presented is a testament to their talent and stamina, creativity, good humour and above all, their determination to show that the future needs makers.

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