Coco O’Brien / Digital Music and Sound Arts MA

In the Atmosphere of Planet C_OH (2020)

By: Coco O’Brien

Planet C_OH orbits in the neversphere, aeons of lightyears deep within Coco O’Brien’s mind. It is a home for identity flux in which four aliases c_oh-exist and communicate via musical and artistic transmission. C_OH is the deity of the planet, Taz Cobalt is a demon who dwells deep in the caves of the planet, PUSScore is a feral virgin who lives in the gaseous skies, and Colin Earth is a rapper who lives in orbit of the planet on C_OH’s gold moon. In the Atmosphere of Planet C_OH consists of four music video pieces, all providing a glimpse into each of the aliases aesthetics and sounds. O’Brien uses costume-making, drag, and video editing for each of these personas to take form. All of the four, music video works and personas ultimately aim to portray the fluidity of identity and gender, while surfacing the constraints of it through explicit critique.




Life Vessel – PUSScore (2020)

Stupid BitchTaz Cobalt (2020)


Cyclops Tug – C_OH (2020)


Number One Dad – Colin Earth (2020)


sketches of characters and planet
Planet_C_OH – Concept Sketch (2020)