Amber Franks / Fine Art MA (Interim)

Amber Franks investigates personal trauma motivated by “casual sexism” and it’s causes and contexts. She dissembles the idea of vulnerability and offers a new viewpoint from an empowered perspective. Within her practice, traumatic experiences are dissected and analysed posing challenging questions that push conventional boundaries between artist and viewer.

By using a wide range of mediums, her work flits between genres, never defining her practice in a single definitive form. Her practice utilizes Photography, Videography, Installation and Printmaking to explore liminal areas between creative zones, using found objects to contextually complicate the other mediums.

Focusing on her own personal experiences as well as collective concerns, Franks deconstructs female learnt and inherited behaviours. Rather than being “over-determined” Franks focuses on poetic ambiguity to examine rational vs irrational bias issues that have been historically “swept under the carpet”.



Passport Photo on hand Black and White
Premonitions – I Have Her Hands



Passport Photo on hand Black and White
Premonitions – Dearly Departed



Passport Photo in between hands Black and White
Premonitions – Symbol of Strength



Premonitions – Four Years of Morning pt. 2